Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hospitality House

Since coming to Korea, Mary and Marshall have been spending Friday evenings at the Hospitality House.  It is a Christian Ministry of Cadence International providing a gathering place for military members, their spouses and dependents around the world-- kind of a home away from home.  Here in Songtan, Friday evening is for families and Saturday evening for unaccompanied military.  There are quite a few unaccompanied members who have left families at home who come on Friday evenings so they can get a little "kid" time.  Mdx was right at home there and had PLENTY of attention all evening!  Dinner last night was a taco bar and salad.  The guys especially seemed to really appreciate a home cooked meal and an opportunity to relax.  We got back to the apartment about 9:45--(2145 around here).  The kids and Grandma were exhausted!

This morning Marshall and Mary went to spin class and then worked out some at the gym.  After they got back we walked to town for pizza.  Mary is giving a violin lesson to the son of one of the people from the hospitality house.  The kids are taking naps (including Marshall) and I am enjoying the quiet.

We Skyped with Grandpa, Grandma Mac, Aunt Marcia, Uncle John and David this morning--- Mdx enjoyed having an audience and I'm sure they enjoyed being that audience!

Later today Marshall and Mary are going to go to the commissary--the kids and I are going to stay here.  Then Marshall has plans to take me out somewhere---to a bar for soju kettles---we'll see if that really happens!

More later.....

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