Saturday, October 31, 2009


Another successful Halloween party at the McIntyre's!!

"We" pulled it off again-- the 2009 Annual Byrum Woods Halloween Party is now history!! The board members did 99.9% of the work-- all I had to do was open the garage door and smile!  The guys did the shopping, set-up, cooking and everything was cleaned up by 6:30 (1830 if you use military time).  I put the vinyl tablecloths in the washer and had 3 pairs of tongs and 2 cookie sheets to wash!  So Mike, it's not that we didn't miss you being here, but we were able to do it without you this year-- the board members may feel a little differently, but don't leave me with this again--OK?

Talked to my sisters this evening-- Lisa has some kind of nasty respiratory stuff going on- she sounded awful and is going back to the doctor on Monday-- hope she has a speedy recovery! 

Cheri should write a book-- I think she is a magnet for the extraordinary (trying to be nice, but she does tend to attract a lot loony stuff).  Last night she and her husband and stepson were headed to the church for the annual "trunk or treat".  It was raining, so the car decorations were cancelled, but the show must go on for the kids.  Cheri was in her car and Alan and Ricky were in his car behind her (if they weren't needed, they were going to leave Cheri and she would need a ride home).  Anyway, Cheri saw an accident happen that turned out to be a result of road rage.  Alan and Ricky didn't see the accident happen, but had to stop with  the traffic.  One of the cars started smoking and Alan pulled  the driver out of his car before it started burning-- so, after they gave statements to the police, Cheri went on to the church, but Alan was covered in blood that was NOT a Halloween costume, so he and Ricky headed back home.  Such is life in the big city of Loganville!

Waiting to hear that #3 son is on his way home from Iraq--- he is packed and on standby for his orders.  We pray for his safe and uneventful return to American soil.  I know he is anxious to be reunited with his wife and daughter.  We will do our best to patiently wait our chance to see again.

Don't forget to "fall back" to all!

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