Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Look

Just playing around tonight-- will probably do some more experimenting with the "decor"--- mainly just wanted to see if I COULD do it.

Had a great workout with Sarah today!  Lots of abs and legs-- I'm going to do arms tomorrow and walk after work.  Seems like no matter how blah I might feel when I start, I'm always invigorated when we're done.  I try my best to do everything she has planned, but that doesn't stop me from whining about it!

The rest of the week is really busy--- on call Thurs night and working Fri night.  Then we are hosting the neighborhood Halloween Party (5th or 6th year) on Saturday--- oh and Mike will be in Florida!  So "we" is ME -- thanks Mike!!!! 

Last night Mike got the yard decorations up-- 8 inflatables and a motion activated ghoul.  Well, about 1:30 I heard what I thought were dogs barking outside, but----- I looked out the front window and and saw green flashing lights and realized I wasn't hearing dogs--- it was that doggone ghoul cackling and yelling "did you come for a treat or did you come for a trick?".  So, I put on my dog walking clogs and my raincoat (did I mention it was raining?) with the hood up and go out to bring the blasted thing in -- don't want to agitate the neighbors any more than absolutely necessary and Christmas is coming-- just wait!  Good thing nobody drove by or I'm sure a sheriff's deputy would have been at the door.

Well, off to bed.......sweet dreams!

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