Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poor, poor me

This past week was pretty hectic-- I worked last weekend, was off Monday night, worked Tues night, did 8 hours of office time Weds from 3p-11p and was on call Thurs night-- I had had an itchy place on my back for several days and on Wed felt like my arm and side were chafing. On Thur I saw a rash on my back where the itching was. I got called into work about 2am, when I got to work I asked one of my co-workers to look at my back- -she said "I think you have shingles". So, then everyone had to take a look including one of the docs. They all said it was shingles and go home. Fri morning I called my MD for an appointment and guess what-- I have shingles. Long story short-- I am now on Valtrex and have Vicodin for pain and per the PA, I can't work until the rash is healed. I called employee health and was told I CAN work if the rash is completely sealed with a bandage and I wear 2 layers of clothing. I am having a hard time imagining putting a bandage on this rash and then wearing 2 layers of clothing. But, more important, I can't imagine going 12 hours with no pain medicine at this point, so I think I'll probably be taking off at least part of this coming week.

All that being said, I really don't feel that bad. A co-worker got married today and I had told her and her mother (also a co-worker) I would take care of the kitchen during the reception (held in their backyard). We talked after my diagnosis yesterday and decided I would still plan on helping and would use my judgement as to how much I would/could do. I took my pain med with me and stayed medicated (but not too medicated). It was a lovely reception, the weather was perfect, the food was great (prepared by the mother of the bride) and the kitchen was clean when everything was over! I was pretty uncomfortable when I got home and took my pain med right away. I think I overdid it today --- I'll rest tomorrow.

The Heart Walk is next Saturday-- looking forward to going to Myrtle Beach next weekend. Thanks to all who have made donations.

Off to bed, hopefully sleep will come quickly. Later.....

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