Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heart Walk is History

This morning was the Heart Walk. We put on our Coastal Carolina University T-shirts and headed over to the Market Common (formerly known as the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base). The walk was lead by the CCU marching band-- at least for the first couple of hundred feet! The route was around the commons area then crossed the street and was SUPPOSED to be two laps around the lake-- most people only did one lap because there was no way everyone was walking faster than Mike and me. We did the entire 2 laps and were the last ones back, but it was only a little over an hour when we finished, so we're very confident we walked the entire 5K.

Afterwards, we went back to the house and showered then to Broadway on the Beach for the Italian Festival. Nap time followed and now #1 d-i-l and I are headed to Kohl's-- because they are having a sale!!

Later we are going to Tavern on the Forest to eat and play bar trivia.

More details and pictures later... gotta go the dogs got out

Oh yeah, almost NO PAIN today!!!!!!

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  1. Great Job, Carla! I'm glad you and Mike toughed it out, and so glad you had almost no pain today! Horray!