Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am OFF tomorrow!!!!!

I worked 8 hours today-- it was payroll Monday, so had to get everyone's "time sheet" double checked-- make sure any premiums were added and time off entered.  (Can you still call it a time sheet if it is on the computer and there is no papaer involved?)  Then did a few other things for my manager.

After work I was off to the gym.  I walked 3.15 miles in an hour then did some work on arms and legs.  I remembered to stretch before I left, but I'm sure I'm still gonna feel it in am.   I'm meeting Sarah at 5:30 tomorrow (or technically today since it is after midnight),  I'm betting she will have some challenges planned for me!  (Sarah, if you are reading this, it is NOT an invitation to add more pull-ups and leg lifts, remember, I am still in a delicate state. {haha})

Going to go play miniatures later with Mary and work on our wine cellar from State Day.  The plan is to get the electricity in the box.  We'll see how that goes-- electricity is not my friend.

Talked to #1 son in Myrtle Beach this afternoon.  His mother-in-law is in the hospital and not doing well.  She had surgery Friday and remains in ICU still not out of the anesthesia and fears that her kidneys are shutting down.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers, they need strength during the this time of uncertainity (her name is Nancy if you'd like to put a name to your prayers).

Try to stay healthy-- there's a lot of stuff going around out there and some of it is pretty nasty.


  1. No pull ups or leg lifts today, but fun and challenging! See you tonight!

  2. Sarah,

    Make her do pull-ups! I want her to be able to get 1 wide grip pull-up.