Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yesterday was a Good Day-- Today, pretty Lazy

Spent yesterday playing with some of my "mini friends".  It was my turn to host.  I made Tortellini soup for lunch.  Also had hummus (store bought) and black bean salsa and garlic bread.  I also made a pumpkin pie for dessert-- found something this group doesn't really care for-- that's OK, Sydnie and I enjoyed it!

I got one of my Raggedy Ann doll kits made except for her hair-- she really turned out cute!  Didn't get much else done, but just enjoyed being with friends-- no stress no deadlines.  After we ate Mike came in and had some soup, then he cleaned up the kitchen (I had just stacked the dishes in the sink).  I am soooo spoiled!

We enjoyed the soup so much, Mike and I had it again for dinner.  Good thing I had made a double batch, but so much for having soup leftover for lunch this week!

Today, I had thoroughly intended to get up and go to church, but I overslept-- next thing I knew it was 1pm. So after I dragged myself downstairs and took the dogs out, I came back up and sat at the computer for a while.  I sent the soup recipe to my friends and some other things I had promised to forward to a couple of people.  Then I started the laundry and went out to the studio for a while.

I decided to work on my club project for a while.  I needed to frame the window--well let's just say,  it didn't go as expected, so I had to dig around the "lumberyard" and find some more wood and stain it. GRRRR--then I figured it was time for dinner and time to take a break before I really did break something!

Got my last load of clothes in the washer-- gonna get my gym stuff together so it's ready in the morning-- I'll go after work. Planning to walk and do some arms.

Going to play miniatures again on Tuesday with Mary and Thursday with Sydnie-- I'm a lucky "girl" this week!!

Counting down the days til #3 son gets home from Iraq! 

Off to check the dryer-- later......

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