Sunday, March 14, 2010

Calendar Catch Up

I've got a lot of catching up to do.  This cold really did a number on me-- and I'm ready to be done with it!

Tuesday....Speaking about a woman who is hard to please, you might say...

She's so persnickety she wouldn't be happy in a diamond mine.

I guess that is pretty persnickety!

Wednesday... Liar...
He lies so bad he has to hire someone to call his dogs.

It's pretty sad if your dogs don't even believe you!

Thursday...When referring to someone who is uppity, you might say...

She's the honey, but the bees don't know it.

Ahhhh..... a legend in her own mind!!!

Friday.... Serious Problem...
Now ain't this a fine howdy-do.

A sweet way to say what the......

and last but not least..... the weekend saying.... Stinginess...

He's so tight that when he blinks, his toes curl.

Well, that's probably enough for tonight.  I'll post some more pictures from the weekend later this week.

Good night!!!

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