Monday, March 1, 2010


He's so ungrateful, he'd gripe with a ham under each arm.

I know sometimes this can be used to describe me!  and a whole lot of other folks I know.

Worked today, then hit the gym on my way home.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical-- my feet were asleep when I finished, then I moved on to the treadmill and walked 1.5 miles-- the last half mile I slowed down a bit, but moved up to 5% incline.

Talked to Cheri on my way home from the gym.  She and Alan got a "new" dog on Friday.  Unfortunately, the poor guy has heartworms.  The shelter neuters and microchips the dogs, but doesn't do a heartworm test- am I missing something??????  She found a vet to work with Hal (Cheri says that's short for halitosis).  Waiting for pictures of him!

I put chicken breasts in the oven when I got home, then sauteed onions and garlic, added cut up chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, angel hair pasta and asparagus I had roasted in the oven.  And there are some leftovers for me to either eat before work tomorrow or take for for my dinner--decisions, decisions!

OK, the weather is on--- MORE SNOW????????? What in the world is going on around here.  We could get 1-3 inches tomorrow night and it will be 70 by Monday????????????  Guess I'm sounding like that Complainer guy I described earlier.

I'm off to bed....

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