Sunday, March 14, 2010

How I Spent My Saturday Morning

We spent this weekend in Virginia with Mary and Mdx (Marshall is TDY in Mississippi).  Saturday, Mary had an orchestra event so Grandpa and I took Mdx to the Virginia Air and Space Museum. Take a look at some of the fun we had!

There was a special exhibit called "Grossology".  Mdx learned about LOTS of things-- like animal poop and slime and flies and smells.  I'm just glad she isn't any older and was satisfied looking at the big bugs and pushing the buttons at the displays.
Astronaut Grandpa-- Mdx did not want to put her head in the cut out.  She said "I don't want to be a astronaut".

Mdx talking to Mission Control
Every body has to buckle up before the plane takes off!  Mdx had lots of fun playing on the airplane and putting the seatbelts on and off and on and off and on and....           This is a submarine the children could play in.  There was a periscope with a camera that could be controlled by a wheel.  Grandpa went outside and waved to Mdx while she was driving.                 
   There were a lot more activities going on at the museum-- a real astronaut was there answering questions about the space shuttle, a station to make parachutes, another station to make a bridge out of spaghetti, a robot demonstration and a radio controlled blimp to name a few!  The older children were having a blast with all the activities!  Mdx had fun and didn't want to leave, but it was time for lunch and definitely time for a nap.  When Grandpa put her in the car she said "I not happy, I don't like you".

We ate lunch when we got home, then it was time for a nap.  Mdx said she wasn't tired and did not need to go to sleep.  Mean Grandma said she had to go to sleep and closed her door.  A few minutes later I heard "Grandma, Grandma"  I went to the front room and this is what I saw at her door.....

 Then she said "I have trash" and pushed a kleenex out under the door.    There were a few tears, then Grandpa went in and made her get back in bed.  She slept for 2 hours, and Grandpa slept about 30 minutes while he was watching the ACC games.
After naptime Grandpa went out to the garage and worked on Daddy's lawnmower and Mdx and I took a little walk and looked at the ducks in the water.   Then Mommy came home and we told her everything we did!

It was a lot of fun!


  1. MOM!! I shed a tear or two looking through those... I wish that I could have been home. Did dad get the lawnmower to work?

  2. Hey Bud!!!! YES, the lawnmower is working. He finished it up just as Mary got home. I've got some more pictures to put up later. We wish you had been home too, but you have to go where you are sent. Mary might bring Mdx down for the Easter Egg Hunt. It is the day before Easter. Love you!!!

  3. Hi Carla! I'm so glad that you found our blog through April, and that we had the privilege of having you as our nurse while at Rex. Thank you for taking such good care of us...

    I loved seeing the pictures of your precious granddaughter and all the fun you had with her at the museum. She is lucky to have you as her grandma!