Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, Monday

Not a very exciting day around here-- worked today then met Megan at the gym.  She had me doing legs and legs and legs and arms and core.  It was a good workout and I can't believe how much stronger I am than I was just a few months ago. 

Got a haircut this evening-- not that I needed it-- haha-- and then spent some time in the studio working on my club project and table favors for State Day.  I think I'm just about caught up with my club project and made a lot of progress with my table favors. 

Mike got the yard ready for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday this weekend.  We are hoping Mary comes with Mdx, I think she would really enjoy it this year.

Today's calendar saying is...  Honorable Man...
He plows straight and to the end of the row.

Wouldn't we all want others to see us as that man?

The weekend saying was... Perseverance...
She'll stick to it til the last pea is out of the pod.

That sound like one determined woman!!

I can't believe April begins on Thursday!  This year is flying by.

 I think it's time for me to head for bed.......

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