Friday, March 26, 2010


So glad today is Friday!  How 'bout you?  Not that I have any big plans for the weekend, but I'm off today, Sat and Sun.  I've got to finish my tote bag favors for State Day, catch up on my club project and get the club newsletter out by tomorrow.

It's another nice day-- a little overcast, but warm.

I can't believe I'm two days behind with my calendar again-- just can't seem to keep up--

Wed...  In a Hurry...
He left like he was holdin' a handful of fire.

Thurs...  If you've overeaten, you might say...
I've had more than plenty.

Today.... Sad...
I'm feelin' poorly and down in the mouth. 

 I like all three of these sayings-- I will file them all away, they are sure to come in handy in everyday conversation!

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to Virginia----
Who knows how cute she is?????

Lovin' on Auggie


Modeling her poncho

Bedtime stories with Grandpa wearing the monster towel

Off to the gym..........