Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a Weekend!

We are back home after spending the weekend in Myrtle Beach with Marc and Kris!  They are both performing in the Atlantic Stage production of "Almost, Maine".  After they left for the theater Friday evening, we got some dinner then worked for a while getting stuff set up for the yard sale.

Saturday morning came WAY too early.  Mike was up at 5:30 and the rest of us at 6.  There were customers at the yard sale by 6:30-- the sun wasn't even up yet!  Kris' sister Tara was there along with their friend Melissa-Ann.  The 6 of us spent the day having a huge yard sale.  Most of the "merchandise" was from Kris and Tara's Mother's house.  We had 9 tables set up in the yard plus some pieces of furniture on the driveway and in the yard.  The sale was a big success, they took in just over $500.  We got the yard cleaned up and everything put away by about 2:30 and then it was nap time!  They are planning to post some of the furniture and the Lincoln on Craigslist and to have another sale in May (they still have things to bring down from Calabash).  If you are looking for a "new" car, I can tell you where you can get a 1997 Lincoln towncar with 99,5000 miles on it for a great price-- think about it.

After napping and showers all around, we headed to the theater.  The show was great!  The Atlantic Stage Company is a professional theater company started by faculty and friends of Coastal Carolina University.  This is their second season.  Last year we saw Marc in "The History of America (Abridged)" which was directed by Kris.  It has been a loooooong time since we have seen the two of them on stage in the same play.  (They didn't have any scenes together, but were both in the play).  The play was set in the town of Almost, Maine and told the stories of different townspeople falling in and out of love on a cold, wintry Friday night.  It was both funny and sad and some of the stories were a little too real.  We had a great time.  After the show, the 4 of us and Melissa-Ann and her friend Jeremy went to Gordon Biersch, a local pub where they play trivia.  It was happy hour (with March Madness in full swing, it is happy hour in the bar if there is a basketball game on).  We got back to their house about 12:30-- it was a late night after a long day--but we had a lot of fun!

This morning we all slept in-- OK, Mike got up at 7:30, but that IS sleeping in for him!  Kris and I made a quick trip to Kohls and we had some lunch.  Then it was time for them to go back to the theater for the matinee and we headed on home.  We do love spending time with our family and hope they feel the same about spending time with us.

I'm geading for bed-- early morning tomorrow, but first I've gotta catch up the calendar sayings...

Friday..  Stupidity...
If dumb were dirt, he'd be about an acre.

and the weekend...  Beautiful Woman..
She's the whipped cream on the cherry pie.
AHHHH, that's sweet!

Oh yeah, be sure to ask Kris about the "yard sale sign war" next time you talk to her!

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