Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back among the living

I know I've been quiet this week-- how out of character!!! I went to bed Saturday night not feeling bad, but really cold.  I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I had been run over by a truck and no voice!  Ended up staying home both Sunday and Monday nights.  I finally went in today and will go in on Friday too.  So much for having 4 days off in a row and getting some things done around here.  Oh well......

Got a nice surprise at work today-- Erika brought a birthday cake for Ann and me, then April told me she is bringing a cake on Monday--- I'm feeling pretty special!!!

Today was Dad's birthday-- hope it was a good one!!! and yes, I was late getting your card in the mail---

Tomorrow is miniature club--- I spent the evening catching up with my "homework".  I doubt I'll follow directions at the meeting, because I've put some of my own touches on the project and I'm not ready for what is supposed to be done tomorrow.  I need to dress the bed before I can go much further, because I have to put it in before I can glue the alcove wall in. 

I couldn't sleep the other night-- so in a moment of "inspiration" I rearranged the "blue" bedroom-- I really think it looked better at 2 AM than it did at 8 when I got up--- HMMMMMMM...... need to make a mental note NOT to move furniture in the middle of the night.

So, time to catch up on the calendar.......

for Sat and Sunday.....   Living in Sin

Now there's a coiuple who planted corn before the fence was built.

Not one I particularly care for but I guess there are cruder things that could be said.

Monday......       The Boss

He's the big dog in the meat house.

Working in a hospital, I don't think this would ever be appropriate for me to use.

Tuesday...... If you're referring to a friend who came into wealth, you might say...

Now there goes a man who broke out in money.

This one is actually kind of cute-- and I like the image I got when I first read it.

And finally for today... Anxiety

He's as jumpy as a cockroach in a fryin' pan.

Part of me thinks this is really funny and another part is totally grossed out.

Well, that's about all for today---- and thanks to everyone who restrained themselves and had the good manners NOT to point out my spelling error when I announced Marshall's promotion.... I know how to spell sergeant--just not surewhat got into me!

Take care..... more later.....

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