Sunday, February 7, 2010


Measure twice and cut once.

Why is it that I know this one, but constantly ignore this very wise advice????????  Something (else) I need to work on.

We're sitting here watching the last 2 minutes of the Super Bowl.  Been pulling for the Saints---our church had a work team in New Orleans last week, they got back last night and were full of stories this morning about the excitement in the Big Easy.  One member even talked about going to the courthouse and the (female) judge had on a boa and the courtroom was decorated!  They also told about the airline (Southwest I think) employees were all wearing Saints shirts rather than their uniforms...Well, it's over --- the Saints won---not the most exciting Super Bowl I've ever seen, but good for them!

Working tomorrow during the day, then meeting Megan at 4 to train.  Not much else exciting going on around here----  got a little bit done in the studio yesterday and today--I get very impatient and bored watching glue and paint dry.  There are only so many projects I can have out at once-- I worked on the club project, a piece of furniture I stained a while back and on some furinture for my Fairy Tale house.  I wanted to work on the wine cellar and the diner, but, like I said, only so much can be out at once.

Gonna call it a night soon.....5:30 comes early.....take care.....later

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