Friday, February 26, 2010

More Snow???????

This morning we got some MORE snow!  It covered the cars and trees and grass, but didn't stick on the roads.  It was really pretty coming down and thankfully, it was gone by noon.  It looks like there is another system coming through next week that could be rain or possibly snow-- I'm REALLY hoping it is rain because Greg Fishel (local weatherman) said it will be coming on Tuesday and Wednesday and I have to work both of those nights!

I was training with Megan at the gym today--- she said "I don't know who that gentleman is, but he keeps looking at me".  I don't wear my glasses when I train, so I really couldn't see who she was talking about-- turns out, Mike had stopped in on his way back from Charlotte --- this evening I told him what Megan said, he said "she needs to get over herself, I was looking at you".  He said he was looking at me and one time I looked at him and he smiled, but I didn't smile back so he realized I couldn't see him.  After the gym, I stopped at Kroger for some "supplies"-- apples, milk, bread-- I also got some great looking asparagus that I'll roast for dinner tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I should be able to get the wainscoting done on my club project-- I finished dressing the bed today and got the alcove wall glued in, then spackled the corners and repainted the walls.  After I do the wainscoting, I'll take some pictures of the progress. 

Finishing up the bed for my project was almost the end for the house-- Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day in one piece-- but this story falls in to the category of "when you do something stupid, don't tell anyone", so just suffice it to say, I did something dumb today, but all is well now.  

I need to come up with an idea for tote bag favors for State Day-- I think I know what I'll do for table favors.  And lastly, I need to come up with a door prize--which I am sure I can find in my stash!

I almost forgot today's calendar saying!!! 

To compliment your wife, you might say...
You're prettier than a glob of butter meltin' on a stack of wheat cakes.

Now I don't know about you, but--- if Mike told me I looked like a glob of anything, I don't think I would take that as a compliment, and to be called a glob of butter, I'm sure there would be tears!  Mine or his, I don't know, but there would be tears.  I've been working too hard and have given too much to be compared to a glob of butter!

I'm heading to bed now...

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