Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hope your day was as good as mine

Woke up this morning to about 2 inches of light fluffy snow on the ground, but clear roads.  Sydnie picked me up and we headed off to Mary Ellen's for UPS.  Got a few little things done, but mostly just socialized.  ME made us a wonderful lunch-- hot chicken salad, rice with fresh asparagus in it, salad with mandarin oranges and dried cranberries.  She had brownies and ice cream for dessert-- I passed on the brownie, but did have a SMALL dish of strawberry ice cream.  Sydnie dropped me off about 4. 

Mike and I had decided to go out for Valentine's Day tonight (I have to work Sunday night).  We left about 5:30 and stopped at Costco-- can you believe they close at 6 on Saturday???? So, we spent a few minutes walking through the store, but didn't buy anything (the check out lines were REALLY long).  Then we went to Bali Hai to eat.  We talked about going somewhere different, but decided we like Bali Hai, they know us there and it's pretty cheap-- plus we always have leftovers, so we end up with 2 meals each!  After we ate, we thought we'd make a special night of it, so we went to Lowe's and looked around, didn't buy anything, but did some looking.  We managed to stretch our "date" out until 8:30-- late night for the old folks!

Talked to Mdx this afternoon--she said Grandma, where are you?-- yes she called me Grandma, not "B".  Her big news is that she got a new bed "just for Mdx".

Kris sent a text with a picture of the snow at their house.  The Myrtle Beach marathon was cancelled, but she and Josh went this evening to pick up their medals.  Then they were going to play trivia.

Think I'll wrap this up for tonight......take care.......

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