Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Thursday!

If you want to compliment a man on his choice of a wife, you might say.....

You sure didn't pick up no crooked stick!'
Not sure if I can work this one into everyday conversation, but I'll have to try.

Had some more exciting news from Marshall today---he was named Airman of the year for his Wing.  If you're keeping count, that is level 3--- first was his Squadron, then Group and now Wing.  He said he thinks he goes to the Agency level now.  Way to go Bud!!!

Talked to Mason this evening.  He's been down with what sounds like the same stuff I had this week.  Hope he's feeling better soon.

Marc and Kris are in rehearsal for the next play with the Atlantic Stage Co.  The play is Almost, Maine.  We will go to see it the weekend of March 19th.

I talked to Mdx on the phone this evening.  She told me they ate pancakes at chuch and were having pizza for dinner.  She also told me she was wearing slippers and she has purple sunglasses.  I asked her if she called Opa for his birthday-- Marshall said they had forgotten, but would call him this evening.  Later, Marshall said they did call Opa, but Mdx was too busy saying birthday cake to tell Opa Happy Birthday. 

Got some more wood to stain for our miniature club project today.  I've got to spend this weekend working on it.  Because I added a few "extras", I've got to finish the bed for the alcove before I can do the woodwork that was supposed to get done today. 

After club, I tackled the front closet in our bedroom that has fabric and some other craft supplies in it.  (This is stuff that isn't miniatures or scrapbooking, so it doesn't get to go to the studio).  I found several old handkerchieves--  I'll be using one with a lace edging to dress the bed for my club project!  I was so excited -- and now I know what is in that closet to use in the future.  I need to put some labels on the totes, but other than that, the closet is cleaned.  The best part is I had a huge pile for a yard sale, 3 bags of trash and a pile of crushed up old gift boxes---what was I thinking keeping all that stuff???

Off to bed so I can get to work early in the morning, then to the gym.  Planning to spend the weekend in my studio working on my club project and getting some organizing done out there.  I'm hoping I'm on a roll now!!!

Take care, more later........

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