Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello Tuesday!

If a friend is setting unrealistic goals, you might say.....

You're hangin' your basket higher than you can reach.

What a nice way of saying "dream on" or "yeah, right".  I think this one will be filed away-- I'm sure it will come in handy soon.

And from the nurse's calendar:  Nursing Superstition....

NEVER say the "Q" word or the "S" word....
 Pronouncing your shift either "quiet" or "slow" will result in an onslaught
of the most difficult patients with the messiest problems.

How true!!! I will shush anyone who uses either of these words in a heartbeat-- including patients and visitors!  At least we pretty much know what the chief complaint of patients in our unit will be, vs another unit like the ED (emergency department--PC for the emergency room).

So, today's entry is early because I am working tonight, and tomorrow's will be late or possibly combined with Thursday because I'll be going in 3-11 to do office hours.  

I do not plan to be very productive today--- think I'll go take a nap!!!

Take care........ 

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