Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wet Wednesday

Rain, rain, go away..... but don't bring snow instead!!  I think it rained or at least "misted" all day today and who really knows where the next system is going-- guess we'll just see what is happening in the morning!

Today's saying..... Anger
He was as mad as a mule chewin' bumblebees.
I think chewing bumblebees WOULD make a mule (or anything else) really mad, and I certainly do not   want to be anywhere near where it would be happening.

I have a day off tomorrow!! I'm planning to work on my club project and I'm training with Megan in the afternoon. 

Is anybody else out there as tired of hearing about John Edwards, Andrew Young and Reille Hunter (or whatever her name is) as I am?????? Come on folks WE DON'T CARE--- PUT A LID ON IT---QUIT GIVING THEM PUBLICITY AND ALLOWING THEM TO MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY .  The best thing I've heard about the whole disgusting story is the woman from Chapel Hill who wants the money back she donated.  Maybe they should all have to literally pay for their behavior---OK, that's all I'm going to say for now and I hope I never have to revisit this subject--- I feel like I need a shower to get the slime off of me. 

OK--- church in the buff????  Just saw a news story about a church in Virginia where the preacher is naked-- then at the end of the story they say the church is at a nudist camp--- how low do we stoop for "news"-- I feel validated about my decision NOT to watch the news on TV and read the paper instead.

Enough for now...sleep tight, hope you are warm and dry........

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  1. My mom's dog, Merlot, eats bumblebees. No kidding. She's like a cat and follows them in flight then chops down. She seems to like it. You can tell they sting her mouth though. Stupid dog. :) BTW, I totally agree with all your points today. I listen to NPR, no crap news. Enjoy your day off!