Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday's saying.....

If you need someone to repeat what he just said, you might say....

Can you lick that calf again?

The image in my head is NOT a good one.  I think I'm going to just let this one lie.....'nuff said.

Today's BIG news was ..... drum roll please.....

       Marshall made Staff Sargent!!!!!

 He will "sew it on" sometime this summer --- more info as it becomes available.

Mary went to BJ's and bought him a "huge slab of beef" to celebrate!  What a sweetheart she is!

Going to go work out in the morning then go for a playdate with my friend Mary and Peggy might join us too.

Saturday is UPS day, then it's back to work Sun and Mon nights.  It's gonna be another busy weekend!

Off to bed.... take care....

Oh yeah-- I know y'all are out there because I see the numbers change on the counter-- feel free to leave a comment or two from time to time--give me a little feedback!

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