Friday, January 22, 2010


He's as useful as a trap door in a canoe.

I suppose there are a lot of brother-in-laws out there who fit this description-- I don't think I can say that about my b-i-l's--- both of them are great family men.  I think either one of them would lasso the moon and stars for their wife if they could.  And, I know Mike would never say anything negative about my brother- one of his b-i-l's, I think deep down, he might be a little afraid of Doug--because I pity the person who mistreats one of his sisters. (no matter how far away we may live)

Tonight we had blackened tilapia and steamed broccoli for dinner.  I stopped on my way home from work to get the tilapia which was on sale at Harris Teeter, as I was going to the front to check out the "bread lady" was bringing out hot sourdough loaves-- I couldn't resist-- it was still warm when I got home-- it was almost as good as the sourdough bread we ate in San Francisco---man was it good!  I treated myself to a couple of glasses of wine--I'll have to pay later, but it was worth it tonight---I've been really good-- no diet Coke, no caffeinne, no artificial sweeteners, very little processed foods,  LOTS of water, lots of fresh fruits and veggies-- I'm not bragging, just making a statement---

I'm off this weekend-- planning to spend some time in my studio tomorrow-- there's a lot of organizing that needs done in there, and I'm not even going to mention all the UFO's living in that room!

Gonna call it a night soon so I can get going in the AM...... take care...later


  1. I am over the moon proud of you! Keep up the great work; sometimes the smallest decisions (like not drinking a diet coke) are the hardest to make.