Thursday, January 7, 2010

OOPs I'm a Little Late

A hard job...... like forty miles of rough road.

I wish I had read today's (technically yesterday's) quote much earlier because the Zumba class I took at the gym today certainly felt like at least 40 miles of rough road--- or I felt like 40 miles of rough road after it was over----or I looked like 40 miles of rough road--- HMMM have to think about that a bit.

Really though, the class was a lot of fun--- there were a lot of people at the gym-- guess that's a result of New Year's resolutions-- and the class was a little crowded. Jenny, the instructor kept us moving constantly--even if I wasn't doing the right moves, I tried to keep up!  I'm off next Weds, so my goal is to do the Zumba class again.  As I was leaving, Paul, the gym manager, said he was going to take the class next week too-- I will have to report back on that one.

Got a full day tomorrow-- training with Megan at 10:30, Miniature club at 1, then do a little grocery shopping for some salad stuff and some staples, lastly, it is time to take the Christmas trees down.  So, I'm off to bed for hopefully a good night's sleep......

More later.....

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