Friday, January 15, 2010


He's so selfish he wants the moon and the sun with two strands of barbed wire runnin' 'round 'em.

This one kind of hits home----I can think of more than one time I've felt like that about something.  HMMM.. maybe something I need to work on- not being selfish with my possessions, money, time, you get the picture.

So, the news is out-- Mary and Marshall are expecting a second baby in August.  Mary's due date is August 17th-- Mike's birthday.  Let's just hope this McIntyre baby will follow her big sister and decide he/she wants his/hers own special day-- we might not be able to stand Mike if a grandbaby is born on his birthday!

Speaking of Mike, he is on his way to Maryland to visit his parents and sister for the weekend.  I have to work tonight, so I will be home with the dogs!

Well, off to find something healthy and satisfying to eat before I have to go to work and pack my food for the night. 

Take care......

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