Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OOOO--- I Know This One.....

When you are determined to get something done,you might say.....
I'll do it come hell or high water.

I do believe I've even used this one a time or two!  "Nuff said.

So......today started at the dentist office (at 7:10--WAAAAAAAY too early), then a stop at Kmart and the chiropractor (no problems, just "maintainence"--yeah, I know that's spelled wrong, but I'm too tired tonight to care), then on to work-----due to a staff meeting, didn't get out until 7pm---so tonight will be an early one.

Tomorrow is the best day of the year (please read LOTS of sarcasm into that statement) I get to have a bone density test and my mammogram--- YEAH!!!!!  then I'm meeting Megan at the gym for some fun and games.  I intend to spend the afternoon and evening in my studio  AKA "a tribute to Haiti in N Carolina".  I really need to get some major organizing done in there and SOON!!!!!!

Well, think I'll wrap it up for tonight... have a good one and take care........ later.....

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