Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've still got time to meet the challenge

It is only 2328 (11:28 pm to those who don't do military time) and there is only one saying in my calendar for Sat and Sun's, so here goes.......

Today's Southern saying is....

Don't beat a hornet's nest with a short stick.

The calendar says "If you want to warn a friend against doing something stupid, you might say...."   Well, it's been a quiet day at home and I slept most of it (came home early from work with what I thought was trying to turn into a migraine, luckily I managed to medicate and sleep it off), so I really haven't had much of a chance to use this profound bit of knowledge, however; I was able to apply it to myself when I squirted out half a bottle of paint to paint one tray of miniature cookies-- I thought to myself...Carla, you sure hit that hornet's nest with a short stick ('coz I'd already read the saying and done the stupid thing).  OK, so I might be stretching it a, but I'm taking credit for it anyway.

I did manage to stain the wood for my miniature club project for Thursday, still need to sand and seal it.  Also, "baked" miniature cookies and got the first part of the "frosting" on them.  Will finish both either tomorrow evening or Wednesday when I am off.

Off to bed so I can get into the office tomorrow and hopefully then to the gym--- which I am sure will be busy with all those New Year's Resolution people-- the last few months at the gym have been so nice-- no crowds, which reminds me, I better email Megan about getting together and training this week.

Sweet dreams............

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