Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catch up Time

I'm sitting at home tonight, on call for work, hoping I won't be needed because it is snowing again.  Last night I felt like I was leaving on an arctic expedition as I left for work.  I took a pillow, blanket, towels, air mattress, food for myself (trying to make healthy choices and not rely on what might be available in the cafeteria), some snacks to share with other staff, my laptop, clothes and "toiletries", boots and my normal work bag.  I had to make 2 trips to get everything in!  This morning I decided I would come on home and hope I did not have to go back in tonight.  I left the bedding things -- there were quite a few people staying from night shift and also staying over from day shift.  It only took me about 15 extra minutes to get home this morning.  The roads were pretty crummy, but there wasn't much traffic out (a few STUPID people, but thankfully only a few) and Mike had shovelled my parking area in the driveway and came out to meet me and help bring in the "provisions" I had taken with me!

Friday's calendar saying was:   Penny Pincher

She makes pancakes so thin they only have one side.

I can think of a few people I've known over the years who resemble this saying--including one person I've been living with for the past 35 years!!

I'm planning to spend some time in my studio tomorrow and I have to send out the miniature club newsletter.  Other than that, I'll be staying in! 

So, take care and stay warm!  Later.....

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