Friday, January 1, 2010

First Southern Saying of the Year

Today's saying from my southern calendar is:

It's time for all of us to put on the dog

My first thought is that it's going to be cold tonight, so put the dog on the bed to stay warm----or-- we all need to get fancied up and go do something---or--we're gonna have a really nice, special meal today. 

But, I am supposed to work tonight (am flexed down right now) so, I probably won't be going to bed, I'm not planning to put on anything fancier than a pair of scrubs (if I get called in to work) and I won't be cooking anything tonight (although, Kris did bring me take out from Pei Wei this afternoon). 

So, here I sit wearing a pair of warm fleece pants and a sweatshirt, I plan to wrap up in a blanket later and watch a movie and maybe eat some of my take out food--- nobody is going to be putting on the dog around here tonight!

Take care.........

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