Sunday, January 17, 2010


If a hummingbird had his brains, it'd fly backwards.

I like today's saying-- I think this is one to remember!  It sounds nicer than "a french fry short of a happy meal"  or "the elevator doesn't go to the top". 

It's been a quiet weekend with Mike in MD to visit his folks and sister.  I've gotten a few things done around here-- but I didn't go crazy! I did shower this morning (is that TMI?).  I've got one load in the washer, but will wait until Mike gets home to finish.  I sprayed some wood pieces for a miniature project this morning, so need to go back out and sand them then respray.  I got some chicken and a beef roast out of the freezer yesterday, so I'm heading to the kitchen to do some cooking ahead for the week-- my schedule will be nuts! -- I am working Mon night, then 3-11 in the office on Tues, Wed night then a class all day Friday.  Thursday will be my day  "off"-- I have miniature club at 1 and training with Megan at 4-- so I won't have much sleep before I need to get going.

Not much else going on around here-- I'm off to be productive.......later.....

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