Friday, January 8, 2010

Yeah Friday!!!!!

And today's saying is...........

I'm as hungry as a woodpecker with a headache.

I like this one--- can't say I would have used it today (forgot to check the calendar before I went to work today)-- I took a salad for lunch today with a few Wheat Thins, an apple, celery and carrot sticks with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge for a snack, and 2 clementines.  One clementime came back home with me, but I spaced the rest of the food over the day and I drank 4 bottles of water from my new 32 oz water bottle!  I had taken a wedge of lime and a wedge of lemon to "enhance" the water.

Got a note from #3 son, Marshall, today... he was named Airman of the Year for his squadron, now he moves on to the wing level.  I don't quite get all the levels--but the squadron was the second level--- we wish him luck and hope he continues up the levels.  He also tested for Staff Sargent yesterday-- he knows the score he needs to get the promotion, but won't get the results until some time next month.

Tomorrow is UPS-- gonna go get my stuff together so I am ready to play in the morning!

Take care........sweet dreams........

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  1. That's a great lunch! I'm so proud of you. Can you pack my lunch next week? :-)