Thursday, January 7, 2010

If you're talking about an aquaintance.....

You might say........

We've howdied but we ain't shook

I tried to use today's saying with Megan at the gym today-- but I was riding the bike at level 10 for a cardio sprint and couldn't get it out.  Yesterday at the Zumba class I met someone who went to school with Megan.  We talked, but didn't exchange names, so I had the perfect opportunity to use the saying, just not enough breath to do it.  I must try harder.

Speaking of trying harder, I am really trying to make some positive changes with my food choices.  I've got a salad packed for tomorrow with several snacks and pieces of fruit.  I've got a new water bottle ( the straws in the old ones got holes and don't work anymore-- how does one end up with holes in the water bottle straws??? I don't know, but it happened, OK?).  I've also cut out almost all coke/pepsi, and if you know me at all, you know, I love my sodas!  I've tried some flavored seltzer waters, but  I'm not thrilled with the taste and the bubbles aren't the same, so, I'm going to try and stick with regular water as much as possible.

Back to my training session today, Megan put this huge rubber band around my calfs (calves????) and had me walking sideways in a half squat the width of the gym.  I have a problem keeping my feet pointed straight ahead when I'm moving sideways-- it just doesn't feel natural, but my knees sure do tell me if I'm doing it wrong!  She also had me working on arms and shoulders, more leg stuff and we ended with some core work.  I'm meeting her again on Moday after work and will do Zumba again on Weds.

Miniature club met today, we worked on the bed alcove part of the project.  I didn't actually do any work today, I had my wood stained before club, but it's been too cold to seal it and there are a lot of cuts to make that will need to have the ends touched up.  I think I will take it with me to UPS on Sat and try to get some cutting and fitting done-- or maybe not, maybe I'll take another unfinished project with me-- I certainly have enough to choose from!

I had good intentions of taking down the Christmas trees today, but it didn't happen-- maybe tomorrow after work, or maybe not.

We have been threatened that we will have snow in the morning, but the forecast has changed from 1-2 inches to a dusting to sleet. So, who knows what will greet us in the morning!  I'm off to bed, working an "office day" tomorrow.

Take care....more later!

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