Sunday, January 24, 2010


Those little 'uns can be as fidgety as grasshoppers but just as cute.

I can think of more than once I wish I had had this saying to describe a child!!-- although, I'm not particuarly fond of grasshoppers-----

We had a nice dinner last night with our supper club.  In January, it has been the custom to go out to eat-- usually we go somewhere that isn't a chain-- and we try to go somewhere a little different.  Last night we went to Klara's.  It is a Czech restaurant in Cary.  There were 14 of us.  I had stuffed potato dumplings with sauerkraut.  It was really filling-- and really good!  There were 2 dumplings on the plate about the size of baseballs, the stuffing was ham and bacon. I only ate one and half the sauerkraut and brought the rest home.

Other than going out last night, it's been a quiet weekend. I spent some time in my studio-- and now, instead of looking like a tornado has gone through there, it looks like a bomb was set off.  Why do I always make a bigger mess when I am trying to clean up???????

Back to work tomorrow........then to the gym....

Take care....


  1. I seem to remember getting yelled at for making a bigger mess when I was told to clean my room...

  2. Well, I guess you got it honestly!