Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lack of Character

He's nothin' but an empty sack.

And again I say....... I can think of several people I've known, worked with, been acquainted with, etc..... that could be described using this saying.

Today was a stay at home day......there is still snow and ice on the streets and what melted today is expected to refreeze tonight.  Schools have already been closed for tomorrow.  I have to work tomorrow night so no reason to get up early in the morning.

I spent a little while out in the studio today---- didn't really accomplish anything--- just couldn't get inspired.  Maybe I'll go back up there this evening, or maybe not..........

I baked chicken today, we had couscous and green beans with it and I have my dinner for tomorrow and Tuesday night ready to go.

Gonna sign off for now, Amos is trying to help me type and he's a bad speller......


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catch up Time

I'm sitting at home tonight, on call for work, hoping I won't be needed because it is snowing again.  Last night I felt like I was leaving on an arctic expedition as I left for work.  I took a pillow, blanket, towels, air mattress, food for myself (trying to make healthy choices and not rely on what might be available in the cafeteria), some snacks to share with other staff, my laptop, clothes and "toiletries", boots and my normal work bag.  I had to make 2 trips to get everything in!  This morning I decided I would come on home and hope I did not have to go back in tonight.  I left the bedding things -- there were quite a few people staying from night shift and also staying over from day shift.  It only took me about 15 extra minutes to get home this morning.  The roads were pretty crummy, but there wasn't much traffic out (a few STUPID people, but thankfully only a few) and Mike had shovelled my parking area in the driveway and came out to meet me and help bring in the "provisions" I had taken with me!

Friday's calendar saying was:   Penny Pincher

She makes pancakes so thin they only have one side.

I can think of a few people I've known over the years who resemble this saying--including one person I've been living with for the past 35 years!!

I'm planning to spend some time in my studio tomorrow and I have to send out the miniature club newsletter.  Other than that, I'll be staying in! 

So, take care and stay warm!  Later.....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Like Today's saying!

If you see how much fun your child is having at the county fair, you might say......

She's like a lost dog in a meat market.

I'm not sure which image I like better--- a child enjoying a fair or a dog lose in a meat market!  They both make me smile.  So, get both images in your mind and let me know which one you like best!

Off to work tonight and tomorrow night and on call on Saturday, so, I don't know how current I'll be able to stay....I'll do my best!

Still waiting to see what kind of precipitation we will get tomorrow and Saturday.  Guess tomorrow night I'll take some extra provisions just in case.  Last night I heard maybe 10 inches today, I heard 2 or 4 or 6 inches.  Since nobody knows but God, I'll jut do my best to be prepared.

Gotta walk the dogs and feed them before I leave.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today Was the Best Day of the Year!!!

Why you may ask was today better than any other day--- well, I'll tell I got to have my mammogram--- that's right----- I had the privilege of having my boobs woman-handled and squished this morning-- it was wonderful!!! (I hope you can hear all the sarcasm I am trying to convey to you).

OK-- on to today's saying...... Thief

He's as low as a snake in a wagon track.

Wow, that is pretty low---- I thought a snake in the grass was low--- but, this guy is REALLY low.

I also had a bone density scan this morning--- I am 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall which was my height when I had my first scan 5 years ago! 

I met with Megan at the gym today-- she had me working on legs today--- lots of legs--- and then some more legs----and believe it or not-- MORE LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Got to spend some time this afternoon in my studio--think I'm going to head back up there for a little while..

I'm working tomorrow night and Friday night-- waiting "anxiously" to see what the weather will be the next few days-- we could have rain, or sleet, or ice, or snow---guess we'll have to wait and see.

Take care......later.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OOOO--- I Know This One.....

When you are determined to get something done,you might say.....
I'll do it come hell or high water.

I do believe I've even used this one a time or two!  "Nuff said. started at the dentist office (at 7:10--WAAAAAAAY too early), then a stop at Kmart and the chiropractor (no problems, just "maintainence"--yeah, I know that's spelled wrong, but I'm too tired tonight to care), then on to work-----due to a staff meeting, didn't get out until 7pm---so tonight will be an early one.

Tomorrow is the best day of the year (please read LOTS of sarcasm into that statement) I get to have a bone density test and my mammogram--- YEAH!!!!!  then I'm meeting Megan at the gym for some fun and games.  I intend to spend the afternoon and evening in my studio  AKA "a tribute to Haiti in N Carolina".  I really need to get some major organizing done in there and SOON!!!!!!

Well, think I'll wrap it up for tonight... have a good one and take care........ later.....

Monday, January 25, 2010


He breathes through his nose to keep from wearin' out his teeth.

I'm not so sure I get this one--- any ideas?????

Not much to report tonight.  I renewed my NRP (CPR for newborns) this morning.  Went to the gym this afternoon and then went to Harris Teeter and bought more tilapia to put in the freezer-- pretty boring, huh?

Well, I have a dentist appointment at 7 tomorrow, so I'm off to bed....I'll try to have a more intersting life tomorrow!!!


Sunday, January 24, 2010


Those little 'uns can be as fidgety as grasshoppers but just as cute.

I can think of more than once I wish I had had this saying to describe a child!!-- although, I'm not particuarly fond of grasshoppers-----

We had a nice dinner last night with our supper club.  In January, it has been the custom to go out to eat-- usually we go somewhere that isn't a chain-- and we try to go somewhere a little different.  Last night we went to Klara's.  It is a Czech restaurant in Cary.  There were 14 of us.  I had stuffed potato dumplings with sauerkraut.  It was really filling-- and really good!  There were 2 dumplings on the plate about the size of baseballs, the stuffing was ham and bacon. I only ate one and half the sauerkraut and brought the rest home.

Other than going out last night, it's been a quiet weekend. I spent some time in my studio-- and now, instead of looking like a tornado has gone through there, it looks like a bomb was set off.  Why do I always make a bigger mess when I am trying to clean up???????

Back to work tomorrow........then to the gym....

Take care....

Friday, January 22, 2010


He's as useful as a trap door in a canoe.

I suppose there are a lot of brother-in-laws out there who fit this description-- I don't think I can say that about my b-i-l's--- both of them are great family men.  I think either one of them would lasso the moon and stars for their wife if they could.  And, I know Mike would never say anything negative about my brother- one of his b-i-l's, I think deep down, he might be a little afraid of Doug--because I pity the person who mistreats one of his sisters. (no matter how far away we may live)

Tonight we had blackened tilapia and steamed broccoli for dinner.  I stopped on my way home from work to get the tilapia which was on sale at Harris Teeter, as I was going to the front to check out the "bread lady" was bringing out hot sourdough loaves-- I couldn't resist-- it was still warm when I got home-- it was almost as good as the sourdough bread we ate in San Francisco---man was it good!  I treated myself to a couple of glasses of wine--I'll have to pay later, but it was worth it tonight---I've been really good-- no diet Coke, no caffeinne, no artificial sweeteners, very little processed foods,  LOTS of water, lots of fresh fruits and veggies-- I'm not bragging, just making a statement---

I'm off this weekend-- planning to spend some time in my studio tomorrow-- there's a lot of organizing that needs done in there, and I'm not even going to mention all the UFO's living in that room!

Gonna call it a night soon so I can get going in the AM...... take care...later

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Thursday

If you know someone who takes way too much time to complete a task, you might say.......

He'd be the right feller to send to the doctor if the devil was sick.

I bet we all know someone who matches this saying! 

Today was miniature club.  We made totebag favors for State Day today and Jeanette passed out the kits to make the bed for our room box.  So, I've got some sanding and staining to do. 

Not much else to report--- have a class at work all day tomorrow.  We are going out to eat Saturday night with some neighbors to a Czech restaurant in Cary.  I'll be sure to give a review. 

Hoping to get some organinzing started around here this weekend-- oh, where to start?????????

Gonna make it an early night.......later.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Is it a bad thing I DON'T remember posting last night?????????  I worked 3-11:30 yesterday after working 7P on Monday night--so I only had about 4 hours of sleep between shifts--well, I guess it's time to catch up..

Monday's saying was........

Unreliable person....

He sure ain't someone you'd tie off to in a storm.

Yes,  it is always important to know who/what your anchor is tied to.

and for Tuesday.....

If your friend is suffering from a hangover, you might say....

Looks like you've spent the night sortin' wildcats.

I don't know about you, but I've got a very funny image in my mind!

and to get us up to date----- A Good Ol' Boy.........

....Is tougher than a one-eared alley cat.

I think this one goes with yesterday's saying-- once again, the picture in my head is hilarious!

Well, gotta go pack my dinner and get ready for work....more later........


IT'S LATE, I'm tired and I'm, no blog tonight ---get over it, I'll be back..............but.............must sleep now.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Monday, January 18, 2010


Gonna have to double post tomorrow---today got away from me and I've got to finish getting ready for work.......


Sunday, January 17, 2010


If a hummingbird had his brains, it'd fly backwards.

I like today's saying-- I think this is one to remember!  It sounds nicer than "a french fry short of a happy meal"  or "the elevator doesn't go to the top". 

It's been a quiet weekend with Mike in MD to visit his folks and sister.  I've gotten a few things done around here-- but I didn't go crazy! I did shower this morning (is that TMI?).  I've got one load in the washer, but will wait until Mike gets home to finish.  I sprayed some wood pieces for a miniature project this morning, so need to go back out and sand them then respray.  I got some chicken and a beef roast out of the freezer yesterday, so I'm heading to the kitchen to do some cooking ahead for the week-- my schedule will be nuts! -- I am working Mon night, then 3-11 in the office on Tues, Wed night then a class all day Friday.  Thursday will be my day  "off"-- I have miniature club at 1 and training with Megan at 4-- so I won't have much sleep before I need to get going.

Not much else going on around here-- I'm off to be productive.......later.....

Friday, January 15, 2010


He's so selfish he wants the moon and the sun with two strands of barbed wire runnin' 'round 'em.

This one kind of hits home----I can think of more than one time I've felt like that about something.  HMMM.. maybe something I need to work on- not being selfish with my possessions, money, time, you get the picture.

So, the news is out-- Mary and Marshall are expecting a second baby in August.  Mary's due date is August 17th-- Mike's birthday.  Let's just hope this McIntyre baby will follow her big sister and decide he/she wants his/hers own special day-- we might not be able to stand Mike if a grandbaby is born on his birthday!

Speaking of Mike, he is on his way to Maryland to visit his parents and sister for the weekend.  I have to work tonight, so I will be home with the dogs!

Well, off to find something healthy and satisfying to eat before I have to go to work and pack my food for the night. 

Take care......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happiness is........

New batteries in your "electric" toothbrush.  No, this is not today's saying, but it is what made me happy today.  I knew my toothbrush was not quite right, but didn't realize how bad it was until I replaced the batteries this morning.

 OK-- today's saying.... If a friend married above his station, you might say....

He was raised on firebread and soppin' gravy.  She was raised on ham and eggs.

Well, have fun with that one-- gotta feed the dogs and go to work......

Take care......

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I need some help with today's saying......


He can haul a sawed log to hell and back.

Honestly, I have NO clue how that saying has anything to do with dependability, but I didn't write the calendar.  So, please, if you have any ideas or explanations or have ever HEARD this saying, leave a comment and help me out.  Thanks!

Such a busy day today.... went to my friend Mary's to play for a while, I got a kit put together (of course it still has to be painted and aged, but it IS together).  Helped Mary make some decisions about a couple of UFO's she is working on and she gave me ideas for a couple of mine (and gave me a stern look to see that I brought a NEW kit to work on).  Mary made a broccoli and rice soup for lunch-- it was really good.  She got the recipe from one of her Taste of Home books-- I've gottta get the recipe from her!

After playing this morning, I got my teeth cleaned.  The hygienist gave me an A+ for flossing-- Dr Martin is more reserved, but she knows how hard she had to work to convince me to floss every day (of course, having worked in dental offices for 15 years, it's not like I didn't know the drill, but I am a bit hardheaded) and won't take any chances I'll slack off!!!  I have to go back in 2 weeks to have a filling replaced-- it's probably been in my mouth more than 30 years, so I guess it's time.

Went to Zumba this evening---it is a lot of fun!!! I have no idea WHAT I am doing, but I'm having fun and I haven't tripped anybody (yet), so I'll keep going back when I am off on Wednesday's. 

Getting my eyes checked in the morning, no other plans except to work tomorrow night.  I know, it's hard not to be jealous of my exciting life.  I'm going to go finish eating my orange......take care...later.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What you might say when you hear disturbing news....

Well, that sure jars my preserves!

HMMMMMMM........a great substitute for "that upsets the apple cart" or maybe "shaken to the core"-- guess you could go a couple of ways with this one.  I'll have to store this away for just the right time.

Renewed my BLS (CPR) today--- it takes 4 hours to complete the renewal per the American Heart Assoc., I must admit, some of us were a little less than model students.  I understand the importance of the review and reinforcement of the information but,  well, better not say any more about that.  One of these days, I'm going to be sent back to my manager with a note from the teacher I'm sure.

 Finally, after 20 years of renewing, I managed to get 100% on the test.  I guess perseverence pays off!

Going to go play minis with my friend Mary tomorrow, then get my teeth cleaned and at 5:30 to the gym for Zumba!  Don't you wish your life was as exciting as mine?

Well, that's about it for tonight, take care and stay warm.........

Monday, January 11, 2010

Something I know well....


Worryin' gives small things big shadows.

I can relate to this one-- how many times have I blown something so small into such a HUGE deal that I can't sleep?????  Too many to count that's for sure!  I need to post this one on my mirror or some other prominent place to remind me to keep life in perspective.

Worked out with Megan this afternoon-- I did squats on the Bosu with the platform side up--yes, that's right, klutzy me did 3 sets of 15 and didn't fall off once!  She had me do a cardio sprint on the elliptical for 5 minutes with the threat of push ups and pull ups if I let it pause during the sprint-- well--------she tricked me--  I did my part and didn't pause my workout, but still had to do push ups, BUT someone was on the assisted pull up machine, so I did lat pull downs instead.  I ended with 2 sets of a 60 second plank and 25 crunches.  It was a challenging workout, but I felt great when we were done!

Well, can't think of too much else to say (can't believe it can you), so guess I'll sign off for now...

Take care........

Sunday, January 10, 2010

As the Weekend Winds Down

The calendar says......

Gettin' Congress to do what's right is like pushin' a wheelbarrow with rope for handles.

This is one for the books--I'm gonna have to remember it, I'm sure it will be very easy to work into a conversation!  I only wish it wasn't so true!

Had a great weekend-- played miniatures with my friends on Saturday. Kim fixed us a delicious lunch-- barbequed chicken (boneless, skinless meat done in the oven), roasted potatoes and salad.  She had cherry pie for dessert-- I had a clementine from the bowl on her counter. 

We went to Bali Hai for dinner-- I ate half my meal and brought the rest home.

Today, I slept in.   My intentions were to get up and go to church, but I was really tired and just couldn't do it.  Once I did get moving, I got the Christmas trees undecorated-- I always dread that chore--but it is done now. 

Gonna go get my lunches packed for tomorrow and Tuesday and clean up from dinner.  I cooked some chicken today so I'll have some healthy choices for the next few days.

Mary reports that Mdx doesn't have a voice today, but continues to talk.  Sure hope she gets better soon.  Marshall left for Las Vegas today.  Believe it or not, he's going to a conference for the Air Force, some people get to have all the fun.

I'm outta here, early morning and then training with Megan at 4:30.

Take care, stay warm......

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yeah Friday!!!!!

And today's saying is...........

I'm as hungry as a woodpecker with a headache.

I like this one--- can't say I would have used it today (forgot to check the calendar before I went to work today)-- I took a salad for lunch today with a few Wheat Thins, an apple, celery and carrot sticks with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge for a snack, and 2 clementines.  One clementime came back home with me, but I spaced the rest of the food over the day and I drank 4 bottles of water from my new 32 oz water bottle!  I had taken a wedge of lime and a wedge of lemon to "enhance" the water.

Got a note from #3 son, Marshall, today... he was named Airman of the Year for his squadron, now he moves on to the wing level.  I don't quite get all the levels--but the squadron was the second level--- we wish him luck and hope he continues up the levels.  He also tested for Staff Sargent yesterday-- he knows the score he needs to get the promotion, but won't get the results until some time next month.

Tomorrow is UPS-- gonna go get my stuff together so I am ready to play in the morning!

Take care........sweet dreams........

Thursday, January 7, 2010

If you're talking about an aquaintance.....

You might say........

We've howdied but we ain't shook

I tried to use today's saying with Megan at the gym today-- but I was riding the bike at level 10 for a cardio sprint and couldn't get it out.  Yesterday at the Zumba class I met someone who went to school with Megan.  We talked, but didn't exchange names, so I had the perfect opportunity to use the saying, just not enough breath to do it.  I must try harder.

Speaking of trying harder, I am really trying to make some positive changes with my food choices.  I've got a salad packed for tomorrow with several snacks and pieces of fruit.  I've got a new water bottle ( the straws in the old ones got holes and don't work anymore-- how does one end up with holes in the water bottle straws??? I don't know, but it happened, OK?).  I've also cut out almost all coke/pepsi, and if you know me at all, you know, I love my sodas!  I've tried some flavored seltzer waters, but  I'm not thrilled with the taste and the bubbles aren't the same, so, I'm going to try and stick with regular water as much as possible.

Back to my training session today, Megan put this huge rubber band around my calfs (calves????) and had me walking sideways in a half squat the width of the gym.  I have a problem keeping my feet pointed straight ahead when I'm moving sideways-- it just doesn't feel natural, but my knees sure do tell me if I'm doing it wrong!  She also had me working on arms and shoulders, more leg stuff and we ended with some core work.  I'm meeting her again on Moday after work and will do Zumba again on Weds.

Miniature club met today, we worked on the bed alcove part of the project.  I didn't actually do any work today, I had my wood stained before club, but it's been too cold to seal it and there are a lot of cuts to make that will need to have the ends touched up.  I think I will take it with me to UPS on Sat and try to get some cutting and fitting done-- or maybe not, maybe I'll take another unfinished project with me-- I certainly have enough to choose from!

I had good intentions of taking down the Christmas trees today, but it didn't happen-- maybe tomorrow after work, or maybe not.

We have been threatened that we will have snow in the morning, but the forecast has changed from 1-2 inches to a dusting to sleet. So, who knows what will greet us in the morning!  I'm off to bed, working an "office day" tomorrow.

Take care....more later!

OOPs I'm a Little Late

A hard job...... like forty miles of rough road.

I wish I had read today's (technically yesterday's) quote much earlier because the Zumba class I took at the gym today certainly felt like at least 40 miles of rough road--- or I felt like 40 miles of rough road after it was over----or I looked like 40 miles of rough road--- HMMM have to think about that a bit.

Really though, the class was a lot of fun--- there were a lot of people at the gym-- guess that's a result of New Year's resolutions-- and the class was a little crowded. Jenny, the instructor kept us moving constantly--even if I wasn't doing the right moves, I tried to keep up!  I'm off next Weds, so my goal is to do the Zumba class again.  As I was leaving, Paul, the gym manager, said he was going to take the class next week too-- I will have to report back on that one.

Got a full day tomorrow-- training with Megan at 10:30, Miniature club at 1, then do a little grocery shopping for some salad stuff and some staples, lastly, it is time to take the Christmas trees down.  So, I'm off to bed for hopefully a good night's sleep......

More later.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And Today's saying is........

Keep my name out of your mouth

This is something you might say to a big gossip hound---since I am working tonight, I may very well have a chance to use this one!  Check back tomorrow and see.

Happy 25th Birthday Marshall----- you will always be my baby, I am so very proud of the man, husband and father you have grown to be.  Love you!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

No Luck Today

Today's calendar saying.....

Arguin' with the revenuer is like a bug arguin' with a chicken.

I know you'll find it hard to believe, but I couldn't work today's saying into any conversation at work.  I tried and tried, but auditing charts mostly alone in the office, didn't give rise to the opportunity to share this bit of wisdom. HMMMMM.... well, maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow---check back and see.....

Stay warm--- it's cold out there!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've still got time to meet the challenge

It is only 2328 (11:28 pm to those who don't do military time) and there is only one saying in my calendar for Sat and Sun's, so here goes.......

Today's Southern saying is....

Don't beat a hornet's nest with a short stick.

The calendar says "If you want to warn a friend against doing something stupid, you might say...."   Well, it's been a quiet day at home and I slept most of it (came home early from work with what I thought was trying to turn into a migraine, luckily I managed to medicate and sleep it off), so I really haven't had much of a chance to use this profound bit of knowledge, however; I was able to apply it to myself when I squirted out half a bottle of paint to paint one tray of miniature cookies-- I thought to myself...Carla, you sure hit that hornet's nest with a short stick ('coz I'd already read the saying and done the stupid thing).  OK, so I might be stretching it a, but I'm taking credit for it anyway.

I did manage to stain the wood for my miniature club project for Thursday, still need to sand and seal it.  Also, "baked" miniature cookies and got the first part of the "frosting" on them.  Will finish both either tomorrow evening or Wednesday when I am off.

Off to bed so I can get into the office tomorrow and hopefully then to the gym--- which I am sure will be busy with all those New Year's Resolution people-- the last few months at the gym have been so nice-- no crowds, which reminds me, I better email Megan about getting together and training this week.

Sweet dreams............

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Southern Saying of the Year

Today's saying from my southern calendar is:

It's time for all of us to put on the dog

My first thought is that it's going to be cold tonight, so put the dog on the bed to stay warm----or-- we all need to get fancied up and go do something---or--we're gonna have a really nice, special meal today. 

But, I am supposed to work tonight (am flexed down right now) so, I probably won't be going to bed, I'm not planning to put on anything fancier than a pair of scrubs (if I get called in to work) and I won't be cooking anything tonight (although, Kris did bring me take out from Pei Wei this afternoon). 

So, here I sit wearing a pair of warm fleece pants and a sweatshirt, I plan to wrap up in a blanket later and watch a movie and maybe eat some of my take out food--- nobody is going to be putting on the dog around here tonight!

Take care.........